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PowerKPIs Free

by Infotopics | Apps for Tableau

Integrate strategic insights into your Tableau dashboards with PowerKPIs


by Infotopics | Apps for Tableau

The Picture This extension helps you create dynamic image tables/lists based on your data.


by Infotopics | Apps for Tableau

Create, Edit and Delete data directly from your Tableau Dashboards in a secure and governed way.

Write-Back Cloud

by Xpand IT

SaaS product that enables data input, turning Tableau dashboards actionables

Tableau Dashboard Certification

by Wiiisdom

Deliver trust everyone can see! Dynamically certify dashboards to scale analytics governance.

Pixel Perfect

by USEReady

Pixel Perfect is a Tableau extension for print ready well formatted reporting.

CampTag Taxonomy Auditor

by Decision Foundry

Find and fix errors in your Campaign taxonomy URLs quickly and easily.

Extension Summary Dashboard

by Decision Foundry

Introducing, for the first time, a dashboard based on Tableau Extension SDK.

Synchronized Refresh

by phData

Synchronizes dashboard refreshes for all users so you can collaborate in real time on the same data.

Kinetica Geospatial Analytics

by Kinetica

Analyze billions of points, lines & polygons on a map with Kinetica database server-side rendering.


by Infotopics | Apps for Tableau

Visualize flat or recursive data into a beautiful hierarchy filter.

Add Filters Extension

by Tableau

Add Filters offers customized dashboards by showing/hiding filters, parameters, pages, & sheets


by Starschema

Style Tableau Objects and Containers using simple CSS Classes

Dynamic Sunburst Chart

by Decision Foundry

Dynamic sunburst chart helps you visualize hierarchical data instantly and explore with drill-downs

Animator for Tableau

by Inovista

Create custom, data-driven chart and infographic animations based on any SVG image.


by Infotopics | Apps for Tableau

Close the loop and collaborate immediately from your Tableau dashboard in Microsoft Teams!

ShowMeMore 2.0

by Infotopics | Apps for Tableau

Add new visualization types like the Sankey Diagram and Radar Chart to your Tableau Dashboards.

Custom Logo

by Biztory

Dynamically display an image/logo based on the values in your data, customizing your dashboard.

Next Dashboard

by Biztory

Automatically forwards the user's browser to the next configured dashboard after a certain delay.

Let's Annotate

by Starschema

Custom annotations for your Tableau Dashboards. Leverages React Annotation.


by zsah

Analyse the world the way we use it, not straight lines

Network Analysis

by Billigence

Used for mapping systems of interconnected relationships, revealing structures & patterns.


by Infotopics | Apps for Tableau

Easily add your designs to all dashboards! Comply to your corporate identity in a few clicks.

graphomate pictograms

by graphomate GmbH

These pictograms serve the simplified graphical representation by symbols and icons in bar charts.

graphomate bubbles

by graphomate GmbH

Meaningful portfolio analyses with up to 5 key figures and almost unlimited formatting options.

graphomate matrix

by graphomate GmbH

Create meaningful tables with no limits and easy implementation of company standards.

DashboardUsage 2.0

by Infotopics | Apps for Tableau

Log events, client info and extensions and create better designed dashboards.

Intelligent Narratives for BI

by Arria NLG

Instantly generate natural-language reporting in your dashboards; ask questions and get answers.

Automated Narrative Insights

by vPhrase

Understand data better by pairing dashboard visuals with language-based insights.

Date Range Picker

by BackSpace

Offer your users an intuitive function to select a date range in your dashboards within seconds.

Quick What-If

by Tableau

A quick way to do what-if analysis on separate members of a dimension.

Data Writer

by Actinvision

Add information to your markers directly into the database of your choice.

graphomate charts

by graphomate GmbH

graphomate charts enable customers to design IBCS compliant charts and more within a few clicks.

Einstein Discovery

by Salesforce

Get predictions for your Tableau data using Einstein Discovery models in Salesforce.

Bar Race

by Inovista

A bar chart that resizes and relocates bars as they animate through a time period.

Animated Bubbles

by Inovista

This chart presents animated bubbles or images which resize and relocate as the data values progress through time.

Add-On Charts

by Solbeg

Use our charts to see your numbers in a new way.

Compare - Smart Waterfall

by DataMa

Dynamic waterfall to automate gap analysis. Augmented analysis for any variation explanation

Semiotic Hierarchy

by Starschema

Leverage the brilliance of the Semiotic hierarchy chart library, directly within Tableau!


by Starschema

An embedded code editor that allows you to write scripts and create new data analytics algorithms.


by Modelo

Create 3D-integrated infographics with your BIM model using Modelo extension.

Sankey Diagram

by Billigence

Used in multistep workflows, revealing performance of various paths & flow stages.

Process Analysis

by Billigence

Used for step-by-step breakdown of process phases, revealing (un)necessary steps.


by Infotopics | Apps for Tableau

Visualize and analyze your processes based on log file extractions


by Tableau Magic

The internet standard for creating Tables is now available in Tableau.


by Infotopics | Apps for Tableau

Visualize and aggregate data across multiple dimensions - drill down in any order.

Auto Refresh

by Starschema

Provides a configurable counter which counts down from the specified seconds then reloads data.

Write-Back Server

by Xpand IT

Allow users to input data, like forecasting, planning, adding comments or any actionable process.

Image Map Filter

by Tableau

Create a more interactive experience with a custom image map to filter your dashboards.

Brush Filter

by Starschema

Provides interactive data filtering with brushing. (region specification with mouse gestures).


by Infotopics | Apps for Tableau

Let users analyze and discover the data to support your visuals in stunning interactive tables.


by Infotopics | Apps for Tableau

Measure your Dashboard performance and receive expert advice on performance improvements.


by Vis.gl

A high-performance WebGl based tool for visual exploration of large-scale geospatial data sets.

Single Checkbox Parameters

by Tableau

This extension allows you to have a single checkbox that can toggle between two values.


by Infotopics | Apps for Tableau

Next level storytelling in Tableau. Your story unfolds when you scroll your dashboard.

Parameter Actions

by Tableau

Update parameters based on worksheet selections! Now also a built-in feature of 2019.2!

Filter Bookmarks

by Tableau

Instantly revert your dashboard filters to predefined settings.

Date Updater

by Tableau

Automatically update your date parameters to today, yesterday, a week ago or a month ago.

Data-Driven Parameters

by Tableau

Automatically update your parameters based on your data!

Write-Back Form Builder

by M2

Design interactive data entry masks for custom database write-back in Tableau dashboards.


by Aible

Aible empowers business users to create custom AI that conforms to their business realities.

Mapbox Geospatial Analytics

by Mapbox

Analyze your data with new methods like grids, clusters, voronois, isobands, and 3D extrusions.

Story Recorder

by Insight Rocket

Easily record any dashboard actions, then link them to words or phrases to tell your story.


by Tamr

Simplify issue resolution by contextualizing user feedback and summarizing root causes.


by Infotopics | Apps for Tableau

Use visuals to explain dashboard, KPIs, definitions & more with inline content or help screens.

Trellis Chart Auto Resize

by Mark Jackson

Automatically change the size of a trellis chart based on the viewable area.

Dynamic Date Range Filter

by Biztory

Set a date range filter to a default range when launching a dashboard.

Image Viewer

by The Information Lab

Display one or more images on your dashboard driven by either select or filter actions.

Dynamic Date Parameter

by Biztory

Set a date parameter to a default value when launching a dashboard.

Export All

by The Information Lab

Use Export All to generate a single Excel workbook from multiple Tableau charts.

Tableau Tracker

by Starschema

Collect dashboard usage data and use it to track user behavior in Tableau.

Image Filter

by Biztory

Replace any single or multiple value quick filter by a series of clickable images.

Button Filter

by Biztory

Replace any single or multiple value quick filter by a series of clickable buttons.

Write-Back Free

by Xpand IT

Write-back allows you to select data from your sheets, add new information to it and persist it.