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Built on top of, can render millions of points representing thousands of trips and perform spatial aggregations on the fly. Showing geospatial data in a single interface, helps users quickly validate ideas and glean insights from these visualizations. User can visualize spatial datasets with different map layers, explore the data by filtering, animation and aggregation. The tableau extension loads a map visualization inside the Tableau Desktop App. User can use the same UI as in the kepler.lg demo app to interact with the map. The map can also be set up to communicate with other Tableau charts. in Tableau was created thanks to contributions by Shan He from Uber, Chris DeMartini from DataBlick & Tamas Foldi and Abraham Szilagyi from Starschema. Note: The extension is only supported on Tableau Desktop for Mac and Tableau Cloud/Server.

Tech Specifications

Hosted at
Works with
Tableau 2018.2 and later
Tableau Public (2020.1 and later)


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