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Gap Analysis

by DataMa

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Gap analysis by DataMa helps you do the job of an advanced data analyst faster, in Tableau. It's particularly helpful for marketing analysis, such has bridge/ waterfall/ root cause analysis. Using this extension you will have access to:

  • Waterfall analysis using DataMa Compare
    • Compare any segments between one another, such as one Period vs. another, One business unit vs. another, Forecast vs. budget etc
    • Breakdown the gap of a KPI (Revenue, Margin, Conversion rate) by sub-drivers and visualize in a interactive Waterfall
    • Identify most interesting dimension to explain each sub-driver, including mix effect calculations etc
    • Get the 3 bullet points executive summary of gap analysis
  • Significance analysis using DataMa Impact
    • Perform advanced statistical tests (Frequentist, Bayesian etc) for assessing confidence level of observed gaps
  • Driver analysis using DataMa Pivot
    • Rank dimensions by order of importance to understand KPI drivers
    • Generate decision tree to predict your KPI based and generate associated audience This demo extension is limited in duration, but you can get a full working version by contacting DataMa here

Tech Specifications

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Works with
Tableau 2018.2 and later
License Required
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