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The DrillDownTree extension provides better insights into your data through drill-down actions. Drilling down through a dimension hierarchy will expand the next level of the dimension, it lets you traverse through the data across multiple dimensions to get to the roots. The extension aggregates data automatically and enables drill-down actions. The DrillDownTree is a great data exploration tool for ad hoc analysis and conducting root cause analysis. Governed and secured all within your familiar Tableau environment!


DrillDownTree allows you to drill down on any measure to any dimension you wish. The extension offers a flexible DrillDownTree for dashboard users. It will let you visualize data across multiple dimensions without setting up hierarchies upfront. Visualize data across multiple dimensions.


It automatically aggregates data and enables drilling down into dimensions in any random order the user chooses without having to create Tableau hierarchies upfront.


The DrillDownTree is a valuable tool for ad hoc exploration by your dashboard users and conducting root cause analysis in your Tableau Dashboards. It hugely contributes to the self-serviceness of your dashboard users in an easy and understandable self-guiding way.

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The free version of this extension is limited to 1 DrillDownTree extension to your dashboard. To experience the fully functional extension, request your free trial here: https://appsfortableau.infotopics.com/request-free-trial/

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