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Parameter Actions

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Features of this extension have been added in-product as of 2019.2

With this extension you can simply click on a mark or multiple marks on a worksheet and update a parameter with those values. This allows you to update reference lines, calculations, filters and more with just one click of your mouse. In the sample dashboard shown below, selecting a country from any worksheet updates the scatter plot's reference lines and colors to match the selection. Configuration includes additional options for persisting the last selection and multi-selection with a delimiter.

  1. Select a pre-existing parameter for the extension to manipulate.

  2. Choose a field to populate the parameter on selection.

  3. Choose which worksheet(s) to listen to for selections.

  4. Optional: Choose if you want keep the last selected values after deselection.

  5. Optional: Choose if you want to allow multi-select mode and if so, your delimiter.

Source code on GitHub

Tech Specifications

Hosted at
Works with
Tableau 2019.4 and later
Tableau Public (2020.1 and later)