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Ocient JDBC

by Ocient

Ocient DB provides Real-Time Relational Analytics on Datasets larger than 10 petabyte or beyond


by Tableau

Connect to ServiceNow via JDBC

Starburst Enterprise

by Starburst

Starburst brings you fast, single point of access SQL queries for all your data sources.

Amazon DocumentDB

by Amazon

The Amazon DocumentDB JDBC driver provides a SQL interface that allows access to Amazon DocumentDB.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

by Tableau

Tableau connector to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


by Firebolt Analytics Inc

Firebolt is the cloud data warehouse for next-gen analytics experiences.

Palantir Foundry

by Palantir

A Tableau Connector Plugin for Palantir Foundry

Couchbase Analytics

by Couchbase Analytics

The Couchbase Analytics Tableau Connector enables visual operational data against JSON data

Altinity Connector for ClickHouse

by Altinity Inc

Enable Tableau access to ClickHouse data via ODBC.

Denodo JDBC

by Denodo Technologies

Tableau Connector for Denodo that uses the JDBC driver.

SAP SuccessFactors

by Tableau

Tableau connector to SAP SuccessFactors over JDBC.

Oracle NetSuite

by Tableau

Tableau connector to NetSuite CRM and ERP over JDBC.

Jethro ODBC

by Jethro Data

Accelerate Tableau's performance with Jethro's indexing and auto aggregations.


by Agiloft

Easily export Agiloft data to Tableau for analysis by setting up a Tableau connector in your KB.

BI Connector

by Guidanz Inc

Connect Tableau to OBIEE (and OAC, OAS) and experience hassle-free data visualization.


by Rockset, Inc.

Create real-time Tableau dashboards with data from Kafka, Spark, DynamoDB, MongoDB and more.

Data Virtuality JDBC

by Data Virtuality

Connector for the Data Virtuality Logical Data Warehouse.

Salesforce Data Cloud

by Salesforce

Salesforce Data Cloud connector is used to visualize data from CDP in Tableau.


by Incorta

Unleash the power of visual analytics and storytelling for your Incorta cluster.

Kyligence Connector

by Kyligence

Tableau Connector for Kyligence through ODBC Driver.

Stratio Crossdata

by Stratio BD

Stratio Crossdata data virtualizer powered by Apache Spark.


by MarkLogic

Easily connect Tableau with live MarkLogic data for up-to-date visual analysis and reporting.

Salesforce Datorama

by Salesforce

The Connector gives users the ability to explore accurate, harmonized marketing data from Datorama.


by Yellowbrick Data

The Only Modern Data Warehouse with ultrafast and predictable performance for Hybrid Cloud.

Qubole Hive

by Qubole

Qubole Hive connector works using Qubole JDBC driver. This will run Hive queries in Qubole cluster.


by Dremio

Connector for the Dremio Data Lake Engine.

SQream DB

by SQream Technologies

A Tableau Connector Plugin to SQream DB over JDBC.

Actian ODBC

by Actian

Tableau Connector Plugin to Actian Avalanche, Vector, ActianX, and Ingres.