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OpenSearch is a scalable, flexible, and extensible open-source software suite for search, analytics, and observability applications licensed under Apache 2.0. Powered by Apache Lucene and driven by the OpenSearch Project community, OpenSearch offers a vendor-agnostic toolset you can use to build secure, high-performance, cost-efficient applications. Use OpenSearch as an end-to-end solution or connect it with your preferred open-source tools or partner projects.

Besides basic filtering and aggregation, OpenSearch SQL also supports complex queries, such as querying semi-structured data, JOINs, set operations, sub-queries etc. Beyond the standard functions, OpenSearch functions are provided for better analytics and visualization. Please check our documentation for more details.


  1. Download the Connector file (.taco) from
  2. Move the .taco file here:
    • Windows: C:\Users\[Windows User]\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Connectors
    • macOS: /Users/[user]/Documents/My Tableau Repository/Connectors
  3. Start Tableau and under Connect, select the OpenSearch connector. (Note: You'll be prompted if the driver is not yet installed.
  4. OpenSearch Driver Installation:
    • Go to the Driver Download page.
    • Download the OpenSearch JDBC .jar file and move into the following directory:
      • Windows: C:\Program Files\Tableau\Drivers
      • macOS: /Users/[user]/Library/Tableau/Drivers
  5. Relaunch Tableau and connect using the OpenSearch connector.

Tech Specifications

Works with
Tableau 2021.1 and later