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by Firebolt Analytics Inc


Tableau on Firebolt

The Firebolt connector for Tableau delivers sub-second query speeds on live connections, thus enabling truly interactive analytics experiences without needing to compromise on data volume, freshness, or latency.

About Firebolt

Firebolt is the cloud data warehouse for builders of next-gen analytics experiences. Combining the benefits and ease-of-use of a modern architecture with sub-second performance at terabyte scale, Firebolt helps data and dev teams deliver data experiences that end users love.

Built on a cloud-native decoupled storage and compute architecture, Firebolt eliminates traditional challenges associated with provisioning, scale and resource utilization. Firebolt’s optimized storage format and tightly coupled indexing techniques make even the most challenging workloads fast and efficient, without the need for lengthy and customized engineering efforts.


  1. Click the "Download" button at the top of the page to download the connector file.

  2. Move the connector file (.taco) to the /Connectors directory, which by default can be found at the following paths:

    Product/Platform Path
    Tableau Desktop (Windows) C:\Users[user]\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Connectors
    Tableau Desktop (Mac) /Users/[user]/Documents/My Tableau Repository/Connectors
    Tableau Prep (Windows) C:\Users[user]\Documents\My Tableau Prep Repository\Connectors
    Tableau Prep (Mac) /Users/[user]/Documents/My Tableau Prep Repository/Connectors
    Flow web authoring on Tableau Server /data/tabsvc/flowqueryservice/Connectors
    Tableau Prep Conductor on Tableau Server /data/tabsvc/flowprocessor/Connectors
    Tableau Server C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\vizqlserver\Connectors
  3. Download the Firebolt JDBC Driver here.

  4. Move the driver (.jar) to the /Drivers directory, which by default can be found at the following paths:

    Platform Path
    Windows C:\Program Files\Tableau\Drivers
    Mac /Library/JDBC or ~/Library/JDBC
    Linux /opt/tableau/tableau_driver/jdbc
  5. Relaunch Tableau (for desktop products) or restart the server (for Tableau Server).

Firebolt will now appear in the list of connectors in Tableau under Connect. For more information about setting up Firebolt connections, see the Firebolt documentation.

Tech Specifications

Works with
Tableau 2020.3 and later