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by Rockset, Inc.


Rockset is a real-time indexing database service for serving low latency, high concurrency analytical queries at scale. It builds a Converged Index™ on structured and semi-structured data from OLTP databases, streams and lakes in real-time and exposes a RESTful SQL interface.

Built-in Connectors

Securely ingest data using native connectors with MongoDB, DynamoDB, Kafka, Kinesis, S3 and GCS. Rockset initially bulk loads data and then switches to continuous ingest to stay in sync with your source. Ingest millions of events per second. New data is queryable with p95 of 2 seconds. No ETL tools required.

Smart Schemas

Smart schemas are automatically generated schemas based on the exact fields and types present in the ingested data. The schema represents semi-structured data, nested objects and arrays, mixed types and nulls, enabling relational SQL queries over all these constructs. No more schema drift.

Converged Index™

All fields, including deeply nested fields, are automatically indexed in a Converged Index™ which includes an inverted index, columnar index and row index. A Converged Index™ compiles indexes of information and allows analytical queries on large datasets to return in milliseconds.

Full SQL

Run standard SQL queries, including filters, sorts, aggregations, inner and outer joins, directly on semi-structured data. Greater flexibility to query constantly changing, semi-structured and heavily nested data.

Query Lambdas

Query Lambdas are named parameterized SQL queries stored in Rockset that can be executed from a dedicated REST endpoint. With Query Lambdas, you can enforce version control and integrate into your CI/CD workflows. Or use our Node.js, Java, Go, Python client libraries.

Separation of Compute and Storage

Scale compute and storage resources independently for the best price-performance. As your data size grows, you can can use exactly the right amount of compute for the query performance you need at any given time.

Serverless Auto-Scaling in the Cloud

Rockset uses a modern, cloud-native Aggregator Leaf Tailer (ALT) architecture which auto-scales in the cloud and automates cluster provisioning and index management. Optimize costs while minimizing operational overhead with serverless auto-scaling.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Data is encypted at rest and SSL in transit. Mask sensitive information using field mappings at the time of ingest. SAML, OAuth and Okta for single sign-on. Optional support for AWS VPC deployments.


Tableau Installation Instructions:

This page describes how to set up Tableau Desktop and configure it for use with Rockset. You can integrate Tableau with Rockset to power real-time dashboards on NoSQL data.

The steps below require that you have the Rockset Java SDK jar version 0.7.0+. For instructions on building the jar, refer here. You can also download the jar (rockset-java-$version.jar) from Maven.

You also need to download the signed connector from the link above.


Note: Make sure your Tableau Desktop installation is version 2019.2 (or later) and you have Rockset Java SDK version 0.7.0 (or later).

  1. Create an API Key using the Rockset Console under Manage > API Keys.

  2. Place the Rockset Java SDK jar in the following folder depending on the operating system:

    • Windows: C:\Program Files\Tableau\Drivers
    • Mac: ~/Library/Tableau/Drivers

Refer to Tableau Documentation for more detailed instructions.

  1. Place the signed connector (rockset.taco) in the following folder depending on the operating system:

    • On Windows: C:\Users<user>\Documents\My Tableau Repository
    • On Mac: ~/Documents/My Tableau Repository/Connectors
  2. In Tableau, navigate to Connect To a Server and select Rockset by Rockset Inc.:

Configure the connection as follows:

  1. Use for Server
  2. Use rockset as Database
  3. Enter apikey as Username and Rockset API Key as the password.
  4. Click on Sign In

Tech Specifications

Works with
Tableau 2019.4 and later