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Real Estate Investment

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This Tableau Accelerator allows you to:

  • Assess Performance of your Real Estate Investment
  • Deep-dive to Property level of detail
  • Identify the underlying drivers of your performance
  • Measure improvements of Occupancy level over time

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Answer key business questions

  • How do our real estate investments perform?
  • Which cities generate the most revenue?
  • Which cities offer the best Net Rental Yield? For which property types?
  • What are the drivers of our investment performance?
  • Which property types perform best on Net Rental Yield and Occupancy Rate?
  • Which properties perform best on Net Rental Yield?
  • What is the rental performance of one specific property & how does it compare to similar properties?
  • How do we perform in filling our properties over the time?

Monitor and improve KPIs


  • Nb Properties: Total number of managed properties
  • Occupancy Rate: Assess how effectively real estate is monetized by comparing actual revenue generated with the maximum theoretical revenue at full occupancy
  • Property Cost: Property acquisition costs (including all fees)


  • Total Expenses: Refer to the sum of all costs and financial obligations associated with owning and maintaining a property on a monthly basis

Vacancy Cost

  • Vacancy Cost: The difference between the max theoretical revenue (based on monthly rent amount at 100% occupancy rate) and the real revenue (expressed in currency)


  • Total Revenue: Overall income generated from a real estate investment during a specific period (expressed in currency)
  • Net Revenue: Total income generated from a real estate investment after deducting all related expenses and costs (expressed in currency)


  • Gross Rental Yield: Property's Total Revenue over the selected period relative to the Property Cost over the selected period ("Nb of months" in the period * "Property Cost"/12)(expressed in percentage)
  • Net Rental Yield: Property's Net Revenue over the selected period compared to the Property Cost over the selected period ("Nb of months in the period" * "Property Cost"/12) (expressed in percentage)

Required attributes

  • Month (date): Monthly snapshot
  • Property No (string): Unique identifier of the property
  • Property (string): Designation of the property
  • Amenities (string): Standard, Mid-range, High-End, Luxurious, ...
  • Property Type (string): Apartment, Furnished Apartment, House, Studio ...
  • Bedrooms (string): Number of bedrooms in the property
  • Bathrooms (string): Number of bathrooms in the property
  • Living space (numeric): Property size in sq ft
  • Country (string, role: country): Country in which the property is located
  • City (string, role: city): City in which the property is located
  • ZipCode (string, role: zipcode): ZipCode in which the property is located
  • Latitude (numeric, role: latitude): Property Latitude
  • Longitude (numeric, role: longitude): Property Longitude
  • Monthly Rent (numeric): Monthly Property Rent Amount
  • Monthly Revenue (numeric): Monthly Revenue of the property
  • Monthly Expenses (numeric): Monthly Expenses of the property
  • Property Cost (numeric): Total cost of the property (including all fees to buy it - set same value for each month


Supports data mapping


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