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Tableau Cloud Migration Technical Readiness Assessment

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The Tableau Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment quickly examines the way you’re using Tableau Server (21.3+) to understand if there are any use cases which may need to be adapted before migrating to Tableau Cloud. In just a few minutes, the assessment provides a data-driven approach to understand your technical readiness for a Tableau Cloud migration.

If you have >1,000 Users on Tableau Server today, it’s likely that there are technical considerations relevant to you that are not captured on this dashboard. Please work with your account team or an experienced migration partner to determine the best way to validate your technical readiness for a Tableau Cloud migration.

>> When you open this workbook, and you're prompted to connect to the Custom SQL, click "YES".

Please note that this workbook supports Tableau Server versions 21.3 and higher. As a best practice, we recommend removing Stale Content prior to running this evaluation or migrating to Tableau Cloud.

After running this assessment, if you’d like to learn more about Tableau Cloud migrations, head to the Tableau Cloud Migration Homepage.

You'll need a trial or license to Tableau Desktop to use this. Get started here.

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  1. Ensure that you or your administrator have enabled access to the Tableau Server Repository.
  2. Download and Open the Accelerator workbook.
  3. When prompted select “yes” for the Custom SQL notice. You will be brought to a sample dashboard. Head to Instructions to run your own Tableau Cloud Migration Technical Readiness Assessment.
  4. From the Data menu Select “TS Background Tasks” and Edit Data Source…
    1. Do not Select any data source beginning with “z_DO_NOT_REPLACE.” These are for the sample dashboard.
  5. You will be prompted with the PostgreSQL Server login dialogue. Fill out the information on the General tab to match your environment. Further details for that process can be found here.
    1. Once finished click “Sign In”
  6. You will now see the Data Source Page.
  7. Click on the workbook tab at the bottom labeled “1. Data Sources by Type.”
  8. You will be prompted to create and save the extract. More details can be found here.
  9. You will need to complete steps 4-9 for the remaining data sources in the workbook. In total you will have four Extracts to complete.
    1. TS Background Tasks
    2. TS Content
    3. TS DataConnections
    4. TS Web Requests
  10. Head to the Dashboard tab “Tableau Cloud Migration Technical Readiness Assessment” for your assessment!


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