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Funnel & Risk Analysis

by Vivun


The Accelerator for Funnel & Risk Analysis provides a historical perspective on your deal life cycle, identifying trends and patterns related to deal duration with key metrics related on how deals are performing, providing real-time insights into the performance of your sales process. The Accelerator includes key metrics broken into four different categories of risk to help you identify and understand which of your deals may be at risk:

Deals in a PreSales Stage for longer than the average compared to past Closed/Won deals. Deals open for longer than the average compared to past Closed/Won deals. Deals with Deliverable taking longer than the average compared to past Closed/Won deals. Deals below average amount of effort compared to past Closed/Won deals.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • How can insights from the technical pipeline make revenue more predictable?
  • How long deals stay in a single PreSales Stage?
  • By PreSales Stage, how many Opportunities convert to Closed/Won and Close/Lost?
  • Where in the PreSales process are Opportunities falling off? Where am I seeing a lower win rate?
  • How much of my current pipeline can I expect to convert based on a historical win rate?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Average Stage Duration for Closed/Won Opportunities
  • Days in Stage
  • Sum of Opportunity Amount
  • Count of Opportunities
  • Total Opportunity Duration
  • Average Opportunity Duration of Closed/Won Opportunities
  • PreSales Stage Duration
  • Win Rate by PreSales Stage Name
  • Count of Opportunities by Opportunity PreSales Stage Name
  • Sum of the Amount of Opportunities by Opportunity Change History PreSales Stage Name
  • Win Rate
  • Coverage Amount

Required Data Attributes

Most fields utilized in the metrics are added to a customer’s source data as part of the Vivun Managed Package installed in Salesforce. A smaller number of fields used in calculations are standard fields in Salesforce.

  • Opportunity.PreSales Stage Name (string)
  • Opportunity.IsWon (Boolean)
  • Opportunity.IsClosed (Boolean)
  • Opportunity.Amount (number)
  • Opportunity.Close Date (date)
  • Opportunity.Forecast Category (string)
  • Opportunity.Currency ISO Code (string)
  • User.Title (string)
  • User.Name (string)
  • Deliverable.Started Date (date)
  • Deliverable.Started to Completed (number)
  • Deliverable.Status (string)
  • Hero Activity.Hours (number)
  • Hero Activity.Start Date (date)
  • Hero Activity.Status (string)


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