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Team Member Performance

by Vivun


The Accelerator for Team Member Performance provides key metrics related to how your team is performing, allowing you to make informed decisions about team management and resource allocation. By having a comprehensive view of individual contributions, you can identify high performers, recognize and reward their achievements, and allocate resources strategically to maximize productivity and overall team success. Additionally, these dashboards facilitate data-driven performance reviews and enable managers to provide timely feedback and guidance based on objective metrics, fostering professional growth and development. By gathering, reporting, and visualizing key performance metrics, these dashboards empower your organization to unleash the true potential of your team.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • How efficiently am I able to drive revenue?
  • Are we deploying SCs (Solutions Consultants) at the right rate and in the right areas?
  • How does my win rate change when an SC is involved?
  • Are SC resources increasing win rates and revenue?
  • How much does Opportunity value increase when an SC is involved?
  • How efficient is the process?
  • Do I have the right amount of investment in SC resources?
  • How many opportunities are SCs responsible for?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Win Rate
  • Technical Win Rate
  • Workload
  • Utilization by Week
  • Deal Lift
  • Initial Amount
  • Efficiency

Required Data Attributes

Most fields utilized in the metrics are added to a customer’s source data as part of the Vivun Managed Package installed in Salesforce. A smaller number of fields used in calculations are standard fields in Salesforce.

  • Opportunity.PreSales Stage Name (Text)
  • Opportunity.IsWon (Boolean)
  • Opportunity.IsClosed (Boolean)
  • Opportunity.Amount (Number or Currency)
  • Opportunity.Close Date (Date)
  • Opportunity.Forecast Category (Text)
  • Opportunity.Currency ISO Code (Text)
  • User.Title (Text)
  • User.Name (Text)
  • Hero Activity.Hours (Number)
  • Hero Activity.Start Date (Date)
  • Hero Activity.Status (Text)


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