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Tableau Cloud Migration Scope Evaluator

by USEReady


Migrating to Tableau Cloud can be a challenging journey, and doing it manually comes with risks such as incomplete migration, content loss, and cost and time overruns. An accelerator can expedite migration from Tableau on-prem to Tableau cloud while automating steps in the framework for a fast, consistent, and seamless process. This accelerator is part of USEReady's Tableau Cloud migration solution called STORM. It evaluates a Tableau environment and identifies objects to migrate. It also includes a planner to derive effort and cost estimation for migration.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • What are the Tableau objects to migrate?
  • What are the resources, skills, effort, and budget guidelines needed for a Tableau Cloud migration?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

All Tableau Objects in scope for migration:

  • Number of Sites & Projects
  • Number of Workbooks
  • Number of Workbooks with Embedded Data Sources
  • Number of Users
  • Number of Prep Flows
  • Number of Subscriptions
  • Number of Metrics
  • Number of Alerts
  • Number of Public/Private custom views
  • Number of Favorites

Data Strategy

Customers will need to enable access to the Tableau Server repository which will require the enablement of the readonly user to the database.

Additional Information

After connecting to the Tableau Server repository and the view is populated, navigate to and use the FREE planner to develop effort estimation for the migrations.


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