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Salesforce Campaigns

by InterWorks


Campaign lead conversion is a critical metric for the performance of your marketing investments, and InterWorks' Accelerator for Salesforce Campaigns connects directly to your marketing data in Salesforce. You can download and use this Accelerator for free to understand how well your campaigns are performing, how well you're turning potential customers into paying contracts, and where you should be investing to drive more leads.

This dashboard shows you overall marketing performance, campaign-specific performance, lead ratings, and actual vs. budgeted spend across different media.

### Answer Key Business Questions * How many leads are our campaigns generating? * Are we converting those leads? * How does campaign spending compare to budgets?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Total leads
  • Open leads
  • Contacted leads
  • Converted leads
  • Not converted leads
  • Actual versus budgeted cost
  • Leads by source
  • Leads by industry

Data Strategy

This Accelerator connects to Sales Cloud. You can enter your own credentials by right-clicking on the data source and selecting Edit.


Connects to Salesforce


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