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Salesforce Data Cloud Service Accelerator

by Atrium


The amount of time that it takes to predict and resolve issues with customer service can be incredibly costly: not only time and the revenue from lost customers, but also the cost of acquiring new customers, and the impact to your reputation can have severe long-term impacts.

Atrium's Accelerator for Service Cloud connects to Data Cloud to provide a 360-degree view of the customer—and their importance to your business—enabling quick prioritization and case resolution for customer service agents. With this Accelerator, provide your organization with measurable outcomes such as improved NPS and CSAT, faster case resolution, and more cases resolved per agent as a result.

The data model for this Accelerator, which is further described in the images, show you how to

  • map and model multiple data sources to view all customer data
  • unify all your customer information from multiple systems so it’s visible in the context of the customer contact

Answer Key Business Questions

  • Which support cases are the highest priority at a glance?
  • What website pages have a customer visited, how much have they spent (and on what types of services or products), their current and historic NPS and CSAT, and other key points in their journey
  • What was a customer doing or viewing on the website when they opened a case?
  • How many cases has a customer opened and how quickly have they been resolved in the past?
  • Who is my customer? (E.g., where do they live, how old are they, and how can I contact them?)
  • How satisfied has this customer been with their past service experiences?
  • How much has the customer spent with us, and on what, each month over the last six months?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Number of cases by customer and speed of resolution
  • Historic website activity by the customer, as well as key touchpoints
  • Insight into historic customer purchases, as well as revenue generated by customer
  • Case information such as customer website activity during case creation

Required Data Attributes

  • Answer 1 (number)
  • Answer 2 (text)
  • Case ID (text)
  • EmailRecipient (text)
  • Question 1 (text)
  • Question 2 (text)

Standard DMOs

  • Individual
  • Contact Point Phone
  • Contact Point Address
  • Website Engagement
  • Case
  • Sales Order
  • Account Contact

Custom DMOs

  • Survey Results
    • Answer 1 (number)
    • Answer 2 (text)
    • Case ID (text)
    • EmailRecipient (text)
    • Question 1 (text)
    • Question 2 (text)

Calculated Insight

  • NPS_Calc
    • Unified__c (Unified individual ID)
    • Nps__c

Additional Instructions

This accelerator relies on the Data Cloud data using matching Unified Individual information and the data model that uses the Unification ID of "1".


Connects to Salesforce


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