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Patient Journey Accelerator

by Globant


The Accelerator for Patient Journey Analytics gives care providers data-driven insights into patients' journeys in their system across different specialties, geographies, and diagnoses. Care program managers can use this Accelerator to analyze their referrals better to align the right resources to help patients heal more effectively.

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Answer Key Business Questions

Executive Summary

  • How many patients have changed stage in last month?
  • How many active patients do we have by geography?
  • How many active patients do we have over time?

Active Patients Console

  • How many active patients do we have each month?
  • How well are patients adhering to the treatment?
  • How are patients distributed across specialties and geographies?

Referrals Console

  • How many referrals are open?
  • What are we doing with the referrals?
  • How many patients have been referred to each specialty?
  • Which doctor is doing the referrals?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

Executive Summary

  • Number of patients by stage in the last month
  • Anticipated active and discontinued patients 6 months in advance
  • Active patients by geography
  • Cumulative active patients

Active Patient Console

  • Number of active patients per stage per month
  • Active patients per month due to adherence to treatment
  • Active patients by specialty
  • Active patients by medical institution

Referral Console

  • Total referrals per month
  • Total referrals by current action stage
  • Medical specialty by number of referrals
  • Physicians by number of referrals

Required Data Attributes

  • Action Status
  • Adherence Score bucket
  • Care Plan
  • Current Status
  • Date
  • Medical Institution
  • Referring_doctor
  • Speciality


Supports data mapping


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