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Sales Performance

by Knowit


The Accelerator for Sales Performance from KnowIt gives you insights into the sales, profit, and product and customer performance in your company. Knowit, a partner in the Nordics, built this Accelerator on top of Tableau's own Superstore Sales data object to make it easier for you to adapt the dashboard to your own data.

The navigational ease of this dashboard makes it easy for you to see all of your key sales metrics in one view: you can interact with the dashboard by clicking on the KPI boxes on top of the dashboard, countries or product categories. You can also change the map presentation to bar chart and back by clicking the icon on top of the map/bar chart.

Get in touch directly with Knowit to find out how they can help you with analytics today.

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Sales revenue, defaulted to Euro
  • Profit, defaulted to Euro
  • Profit Margin
  • Number of accounts
  • Units sold
  • Unit cost

Required Data Attributes

  • Customer ID (string)
  • Segment (string)
  • Profit (int)
  • Quantity (int)
  • Sales (int)
  • Country (geo)
  • City (geo)
  • Order Date (date)
  • Product Category (string)
  • Product Name (string)
  • Product Sub-category (string)
  • Account Target (int)
  • Price / unit Target (int)
  • Profit Target (int)
  • Sales Target (int)


Supports data mapping


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