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Sales, Customer, and Product Performance

by phData


This Accelerator for Sales, Customer, and Product Performance allows consumers to understand the performance of their sales and margin at a high level through a cockpit-style view. The three dashboards provide you with KPIs that are critical to understanding the performance of your business, and the phData team has built these dashboards with the Sales Performance data source that Tableau uses for its own Accelerators.

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Answer Key Business Questions

  • What are my year-to-date sales?
  • What was my sales margin last month?
  • How does my margin percentage compare to last year?
  • How are my total sales cost compared to last month?
  • How are my sales trending versus the target over time?
  • What are the trends in my top customers?
  • What are my top business lines?
  • How are my top product groups performing versus last year?
  • How many new customers have I acquired over the past year?
  • How many more active customers do I have this month compared to last month?
  • Which products are performing the best?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Sales
  • Sales Margin
  • Sales Margin %
  • Total Sales Cost
  • Top Customers by KPI
  • Top Products by KPI
  • New Customers
  • Active Customers
  • Sales/Customer
  • Sales vs Target
  • Margin vs Target
  • Margin % vs Target
  • Average Price

Required Data Attributes

  • Customer (String)
  • Order Date (Datetime)
  • Sales Amount (Number)
  • Sales Amount Target, Number (Decimal)
  • Country, String (Geography)
  • State, String (Geography)
  • City, String (Geography)
  • Product (String)
  • Product Code (String)
  • Product Line (String)
  • Product Sub Group (String)
  • Sales Group (String)
  • Sales Margin (Number)
  • Sales Margin Target (Number)


Supports data mapping


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