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Executive KPI Scorecard

by Biztory


The Customisable Executive KPI Scorecard enables data from all across your business to be drawn together and displayed in a bespoke way for each intended audience. When used in conjunction with Tableau Cloud or Server’s Custom View features, you are able to use the same dashboard to create a bespoke set of scorecards, cherry-picking from the data sources you make available to build and distribute the analytics that your executive audience needs to make critical decisions faster and better.

We've populated the scorecard with our own demo data for you, but you can populate the KPI cards with whatever data you would like to examine.

You'll need a trial or license to Tableau Desktop to use this. Get started here.

Biztory is a Salesforce and Tableau Partner in Europe, and you can connect directly with them to find out how they can help you.

How to Use This

We (Tableau Visionary Sam Parsons and the Biztory team) used the RealWorldFakeData set with the permission of its creator, Mark Bradbourne. You'll need to replace those test data with your own data.

Once you've loaded your own data, filter the KPI categories to your own, and select the metrics in the priority and order in which it's most useful for your business users to examine them.

We've included an adoption guide in the workbook.

Answer Key Business Questions

The purpose of this scorecard is to enable the business questions that are important to your own organization. You can answer and answer questions like,

  • What is does the health of my business / department look like?
  • Looking at all key pillars of my business / department, can I see where we are falling short or succeeding?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

KPI's included are directly related to the data YOU choose to plug into the Accelerator. The Accelerator gives you the flexibility to decide on your data you want to see from multiple different areas of your business.


Supports data mapping


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