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Child Welfare Intelligence

by Tableau


The Tableau Accelerator for Child Welfare gives you a jumpstart to getting data-driven insights into monitoring child welfare activities. Program managers can use this Accelerator to better analyze your cases and incidents from a variety of perspectives, see which counties are in need of resources, and understand how your efforts and initiatives are evolving.

Answer Key BusinessQuestions

  • What is the amount of cases we are involved in and individuals we’re supporting?
  • Where do we operate the most?
  • Who are the top categories needing priorities?
  • In which counties are our services the most impactful?
  • How effective are our case workers in handling a call for investigation?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Total Cases
  • Total Incidents
  • Avg Time to Contact (hr)

Required Attributes

  • Report date (date)
  • Case ID (numeric)
  • Incident ID (numeric)
  • County (string)
  • Hours to contact (numeric)
  • Age Group (numeric)
  • Allegation (string)
  • Allegation Category (string)
  • Relationship Description (string)


Supports data mapping


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