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InstantAnalytics for Marketing

by Lovelytics


The InstantAnalytics Accelerator for Marketing Performance provides metrics on performance of your marketing content across social media platforms. Marketing leaders can see quickly how well their content connects with customers--and where the greatest ROI and expenditures are.

Paid subscriptions to InstantAnalytics provide out-of-the-box connections to more than 200 data sources natively, and you can store your data in a hosted database--or your own. Subscriptions also include dashboards purpose-built by Tableau Vizionaries.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • How many views did our content get, and how many times did potential customers click on it?
  • How many times did someone click through to purchase our product?
  • How much did we spend, total, by platform, and how much did we spend for each click and conversion?
  • How much did we spend for each view/conversion on social media platforms?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Total Impressions
  • Total Clicks
  • Total Conversions
  • Total Spend
  • Cost per Click
  • Cost per Conversion

Required Data Attributes

  • Platform (string)
  • Start Date (date)
  • Clicks (int)
  • Completed Views (int)
  • Conversions (int)
  • Impressions (int)
  • Cost per Placement (decimal)
  • Video Views (int)


Supports data mapping


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