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Supply Intelligence

by Tableau


Supply Intelligence is a plug&play, expert-built, analytical application for Supply Chain, that will help you to improve the efficiency of your Supply Chain. The efficiency of your Supply Chain is assessed from two different perspectives:

  • Sales Perspective: How are we impacted by product shortages?
  • Resilience Perspective
    • The Resilience of your Supply Chain is analyzed along 5 pillars:
      • Supply vs Demand Reliability - How we able to meet customers' demand?
      • Inflation Impact - How are we impacted by inflation?
      • Logistics Reliability - Are we able to deliver our customers on-time / in-full?
      • Quality Reliability - Do we face a lot of returns because of defective products?
      • Inventory Availability - Do we have enough stock to meet upcoming demand?
    • A similar assessment is done towards your procurement process and the ability of your suppliers to provide the level of service you expect from them
    • Supply Intelligence consolidates those strategic pillars into Resilience Scores (from very high to very low resiliency)
      • A Resilience Score for each product you sell
      • A Resilience Score for each material/equipment you purchase
      • A Resilience Score for each supplier

Not only will this Accelerator save you a year's worth of work, but most importantly, it will provide you with immediate business outcomes:

  • Measure the impact of crisis: inflation, shortages, stock-outs
  • Anticipate disruptions and define priorities
  • Improve sourcing strategy: eradicate single supplier dependencies for instance
  • Optimize inventory management: replenishment process, buffer stocks, inventory controls
  • Identify bottlenecks and identify alternative sourcing plans

Answer key business questions

  • How resilient are my Products / Materials / Suppliers?
  • How are we exposed to material price increases?
  • Are we delivered on time?
  • Do we receive a lot of defective materials?
  • Is our demand for materials fulfilled?
  • Do we have enough stock to meet upcoming demand?
  • Are we able to meet customer demand?
  • Are we able to deliver to our customers on-time / in-full?
  • Do we face a lot of returns because of defective products?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • Supply vs Demand: Supply, Demand, Shortages
  • Price: Price Index, Average Buying/Selling Price
  • Logistics: Delivery Time , Replenishment Time, OTIF %
  • Quality: Defects (Qty, $, %)
  • Inventory: On-hand Quantity, Out-of-Stock, Below Safety Stock, Over Stock, Missing Stock...
  • Resilience: for each Product, each Material, and each Supplier
  • ... a total of 80+ KPIs

Required attributes

10 tables are required, linked by a pivot table:

  • Materials [4 attributes]
  • Materials Purchases [21 attributes]
  • Suppliers [5 attributes]
  • Materials Inventory [10 attributes]
  • Bill of Materials [2 attributes]
  • Products [4 attributes]
  • Products Inventory [10 attributes]
  • Products Sales [19 attributes]
  • Warehouses [4 attributes]
  • Customers [4 attributes]

Documentation will soon be available.

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