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The Accelerator for Productive Maintenance enables you to see how your equipment is performing in real-time and resolve issues proactively. This solution seamlessly aggregates factory floor equipment data, like temperature and vibration, into dashboard in Tableau. This Accelerator models the data, and a business user can pre-define business criteria to trigger equipment maintenance work orders in a servicing case management system. As a result, the entire operations team can rely on near real-time data to manage the health of production equipment and optimize production demands. Manufacturers can make use of their own factory data to minimize equipment-related disruption. Critical business outcomes that this Mulesoft + Tableau + ServiceCloud Accelerator enables:

  • Plants can reduce downtime more efficiently
  • Operations can conduct the required maintenance at the right time
  • Organizations can improve employee engagement and worker safety

This Accelerator sends data from OSIsoft PI System (a data historian that collects data from sensors, intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), distributed control systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and lab instruments) to Amazon Redshift, a data warehouse product. Next, the Accelerator uses the in-built functionality in Tableau, a data visualization tool, to visualize the data. Once the equipment data is analyzed, business users can define logic in Tableau to trigger work order creation in the Service Cloud. Analyzing critical floor equipment data in near real-time improves the health of production equipment and drives overall operational efficiency.

Learn more about the systems integration from Mulesoft. and from the images below. It's worth noting that you can swap out the data end points, and the Accelerator will still work, i.e., the Tableau + Mulesoft Accelerator will work with any data historian or structured data warehouse.

Thanks to our Partners at Atrium for providing the dashboard for this Accelerator. Get in touch with them directly to find out about their Salesforce + Tableau and Manufacturing expertise.


System APIs

Process APIs

Experience APIs

Answer Key Business Questions

  • How well is each machine performing?
  • Which machines are performing outside of the acceptable range for their variables?
  • Where do I need to take action right now to prevent or remediate issues?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Noise
  • Oil level
  • Temperature
  • Vibration
  • Vibration delta

Required Data Attributes

  • Date (date)
  • Line (string)
  • Machine ID (string)
  • Reading ID (int)
  • Reading Timestamp
  • Noise (Db) (int)
  • Oil Level (int)
  • Temperature (int)
  • Vibration Delta


Supports data mapping


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