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Revenue Operations

by Atrium


The Accelerator for Revenue Operations provides executives with a bird’s-eye view of their revenue and customer health. To stay competitive and ensure that you achieve your growth targets, you need confidence that your predicted revenue forecast will be achieved and have prescriptive insights on which customers may churn–what to do about it. This Accelerator provides insights into critical areas of your revenue operations and customer success with metrics like At-Risk ARR, % of customers at risk for churn, Total ARR, and cost to replace lost revenue. Additionally, you can drill into market/segment views, net promoter score (“NPS”) tiers, propensity/purchasing activities, and renewal patterns.

Atrium built this Accelerator to integrate easily with Slack to enable your team to make the right decisions quickly and effectively. Check out their video to see it in action, and check out their Sales Cloud Quick Start to find out what fast success with Sales Cloud and Analytics looks liuke.

Connect directly with our Partners at Atrium to find out how they can help you with revenue operations and customer success analytics.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • How much of our revenue is at risk for non-renewal, and what percentage of our business is it?
  • How is renewal risk trending over the previous period?
  • How many/what percentage of our customers are at risk?
  • If we lose this revenue, how much will it cost us to replace it?
  • What is the renewal risk across our product lines and customer segments?
  • How does Net Promoter Score ("NPS") relate to renewal risk?
  • What's the relationship between renewal risk and engagement with our customer success team?
  • Who are the customers with whom we can take action right now to mitigate risk and work to ensure renewal?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • At risk ARR
  • % of customers at risk for churn
  • Total ARR forecasted
  • Cost to replace lost revenue

Required Data Attributes

  • Churn Date (date)
  • City (string)
  • Contact ID
  • Contract Length (string)
  • Cross-sell Propensity (string)
  • Customer Success Manager ID (string)
  • Customer Name (string)
  • Last Major Service Incident (string)
  • Month Start (date)
  • Net Promoter Score ("NPS) (string)
  • Combined Risk (boolean)
  • Predicted Risk Category (string)
  • Product Category (string)
  • Region (string)
  • Segment (string)
  • State (string)
  • Subscription Tier (string)
  • Support Tier (string)
  • Utilization (string)
  • Zipcode (string)
  • Annual Recurring Revenue ("ARR") (float)
  • Customer Relationship Duration (int)
  • Downtime % (float)
  • Number of Renewals (int)
  • Predicted Replacement Cost (float)
  • Attrition Risk (float)
  • Product Category ID (int)
  • Product Count (int)
  • Total Gaps (int)
  • Utilization % (float)


Supports data mapping


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