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Energy Production Scorecard

by InterWorks


The Accelerator for Energy Generation helps companies monitor energy generation from multiple sources, compare generation to targets, and places output in the context of total capacity. Volume of energy is measured in Gigawatts per hour.

Connect with our Partners at InterWorks to find out how they can help your organization measure and manage energy generation.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • How does our energy generation compare to the prior year?
  • How does does our energy generation compare to our targets?
  • How does our energy generation compare to our capacity?
  • Where should we shift capacity to meet our sustainability goals?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Current period generation
  • Comparison to prior period
  • Comparison to target

Required Data Attributes

  • Fuel Type (String)
  • Date (Date)
  • Supply (Integer)
  • Capacity (Integer)
  • Target (Integer)


Supports data mapping


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