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Salesforce Pipeline

by InterWorks


The Accelerator for Salesforce Pipeline enables customers to analyze the health of their current opportunity pipeline. By comparing current data to the previous year, users gain an understanding of how current opportunities compare to past performance. Users can dig in and analyze opportunities by external accounts or internal owners and project expected value based on opportunity stage.

This version of the Accelerator connects to an extracted data source. You can connect to your own Sales Cloud data sources, and you'll need to replace [Owner] with [Full Name].

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Answer Key Business Questions

  • What value can you expect from the current opportunities in your pipeline and how does that compare to past performance?
  • What value have you gained from closed deals and how does that compare to past performance?
  • What is your average deal size?
  • What is your win rate?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Total Sales
  • Expected Sales
  • Opportunities Won
  • Win Rate
  • Average Deal Size

Required Data Attributes

  • Account Name (string)
  • Account ID (string)
  • Industry (string)
  • Close Date (date)
  • Closed (boolean)
  • Opportunity ID (string)
  • Opportunity name (string)
  • Opportunity owner (string)
  • Stage (string)
  • Amount (integer)


Connects to Salesforce


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