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Insurance Underwriter Performance

by The Information Lab


The Accelerator for Insurance Underwriter Performance enables the comparison and benchmarking of underwriters by KPIs such as GWP, NILR, policy count, and cost per policy. Use the dynamically driven quadrant analysis to find outlying performance and look for correlation between underwriters’ KPIs.

You can connect with The Information Lab directly to find out how our consultants can help you with your own underwriter performance analytics.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • How does a given underwriter compare to their peers in terms of gross written premium and net incurred loss ratio?
  • Is a given underwriter's performance increasing/ decreasing over time?
  • What is the distribution of underwriters across the combinations of GWP, policy count, cost per policy and NILR?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • GWP, gross written premium
  • Live policy count
  • Cost per policy
  • Net incurred loss ratio (NILR), Net written premium ÷ incurred claims

Required Data Attributes

  • Policy ID, (string), unique identifier of each policy
  • Underwriter name/ ID, (string), unique identifier of each underwriter responsible for the policy
  • Inception date, (date), the date the policy was launched
  • GWP, (int), Gross written premium
  • Incurred claims internal share, (int)
  • Net written premium internal share, (int)


Supports data mapping


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