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Nonprofit Fundraising & Marketing KPIs (Spreadsheet Version)

by Tableau


The Accelerator for Salesforce Nonprofit Performance provides you with revenue, donor, membership, and campaign performance KPIs that enable you to make accurate forecasts and investments for your nonprofit.

Note: These dashboards are designed for organizations not using the Nonprofit Success Pack. If you have NPSP, download these Nonprofit Fundraising Accelerators and read the Trailhead Module to learn how to use them.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • What is our revenue, and how is it trending versus prior periods?
  • How many people donated, and where are they located?
  • What's the average gift amount, and what's the average value of each donor to our organization?
  • What types of outreach and campaigns produce the most new donations?
  • How well are our donor recruitment efforts working, and what is donor attrition and retention like?
  • What types of campaigns and messages result in new donations?

Getting Started

  • Download the Fundraising & Marketing Performance Workbook, which is an Excel spreadsheet. Save it somewhere easy to access--if needed, save it in Google Sheets. This spreadsheet has the same data mapping as the one in use in this Accelerator, and you’ll need to add your own data to it in the next step.
  • Export and add required data from your own systems to the copy of the Fundraising & Marketing Performance Workbook that you’ve just saved locally--do not change column header names. You might want to add your own data on new sheets and then copy relevant columns into the schema that we provided.
  • Replace all of the sample data in the Fundraising & Marketing Performance Workbook with your own data--just don’t change the field names.
  • Open Tableau Desktop. If you don’t already have Tableau Desktop, download a free trial.
  • Connect to your local version of the Fundraising & Marketing Performance Workbook.
  • Right-click on the sample data source (the one that loaded in the workbook natively) and select to REPLACE it with the data source that you loaded
  • If any of the field names now are red or show errors, right-click on them individually and REPLACE REFERENCES by selecting the appropriate fields.

Workbook & Dashboard Resources

Watch Performance Webinar Recording and read the Performance Article for a listing of metrics that are in the Dashboards, and more you can track!

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