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Investment Portfolio Performance

by Lovelytics


The Accelerator for Investment Portfolio Performance enables a Fund Manager to review a Fund’s performance over time--as well as to drill down into an individual company’s metrics. Fund Managers can get a grasp on key metrics like a company’s Sales and EBITDA over time, or they can gain qualitative information, like value drivers and a company’s analytical journey through these dashboards. Designed and created by a Tableau Ambassador, this accelerator uses visual best practices and expert-level user design that are tailored to Financial Services and Private Equity decision makers.

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Answer Key Business Questions

  • What is a Company’s Sales and EBITDA over time?
  • What is the valuation of each company within a Fund and how has that changed over time?
  • What is a Fund’s Committed Capital and what is the quarterly rate of return?
  • What is the story behind each company and some of their value drivers that make them profitable?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Sales
  • Initial Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Multiple of Invested Capital (MoC)
  • Committed Capital
  • Distribution to Paid-in (DPI)

Required Data Attributes

Fund Level Attributes

  • Committed Capital (Integer)
  • Distribution to Paid-in (Integer)
  • Gross Initial Rate of Return (Integer)
  • Net IRR (Integer)
  • Gross MoC (Integer)
  • Net MoC (Integer)
  • Acquisition Date (Date)
  • Business Description (String)
  • Company (String)
  • Currency (String)
  • Current Initiatives (String)
  • Fund (String)
  • Industry (String)
  • Key KPIs Story (String)
  • Status (String)

Monthly Attributes

  • EBITDA Budget Local (Integer)
  • EBITDA Budget USD (Integer)
  • EBITDA Local (Integer)
  • EBITDA USD (Integer)
  • Sales Budget Local (Integer)
  • Sales Budget USD (Integer)
  • Sales Local (Integer)
  • Sales USD (Integer)

Quarterly Metrics

  • 3rd Party Debt (Integer)
  • Capital Leases (Integer)
  • Cash (Integer)
  • Debt Investment (Integer)
  • Debt Other (Integer)
  • Equity Invested (Integer)
  • Equity Investment (Integer)
  • Factoring (Integer)
  • IRR (Integer)
  • Multiple of Investment (Integer)
  • Net Fund Investment USD (Integer)
  • Realized Value USD (Integer)
  • Revolved (Integer)
  • Term Debt (Integer)


Supports data mapping


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