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Executive KPIs

by Cleartelligence


The Accelerator for Executive Financial KPIs shows finance leaders important metrics that they need to monitor to run their business effectively, grouped into categories from across their organization. These metrics are dynamically configurable and can be displayed across varying timespan comparisons.

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Answer Key Business Questions

  • Where are our biggest revenue drivers?
  • How have our expenses changed over time?
  • Is our corporate headcount tracking to plan?
  • What are our primary cost drivers?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Allocated Expenses
  • Allocated Revenue
  • Direct Expenses
  • Direct P&L
  • Direct Revenue
  • Full P&L
  • Losses
  • Market Indices
  • Repricing
  • Sales Wins
  • Total Pipeline
  • Cost Drivers
  • Cost Pools
  • Contractors
  • Employee Benefits
  • Identifiable Intangible Cost
  • Incentive Compensation
  • Info Systems
  • Occupancy
  • Others
  • Salaries
  • Transaction Processing
  • Savings
  • Headcount

Required Data Attributes

  • KPI (string)
  • Month (date)
  • Name (string)
  • Year (int)
  • Value (decimal) - Category (string)


Supports data mapping


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