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Recurring Revenue

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This Tableau Accelerator allows you to:

  • Assess & Improve your Sales performance: Recurring Revenue & One-Time Fees
  • Explain effects of the dynamics in our customer base: acquisition of new accounts, account churn, business growth/decline at existing accounts...
  • Grow our account base
  • Identify contracts that need to be renewed
  • Deep-dive at the lowest level of detail: Business Line, Product, Account
  • Drill-back at 'Contract #' level of detail, directly in your Sales Application and take immediate actions

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Answer key business questions

  • How is our revenue composed ?
  • How has the evolution of my Product Group base impacted our Total Revenue?
  • How is our customer base growing?
  • What are our top-performing Products / Accounts?

Monitor and improve KPIs


  • Total Revenue: Total Revenue over the period (One Time Fee + Recurring Revenue) (expressed in currency)
  • One-Time Fees (OTF): Total amount of one time fees (non-recurring) over the period (expressed in currency)
  • Total Recurring Revenue: Total recurring revenue over the period (expressed in currency)
  • Recurring Revenue %: Share of Recurring Revenue on Total Revenue (expressed in %)
  • ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue): Annualized Recurring Revenue of all active contracts at the end of the period (expressed in currency)
  • MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue): Total Monthly Recurring Revenue at the end of the period (expressed in currency)


  • Active Accounts #: Number of active accounts over the period
  • New Active Accounts #: Number of new accounts (first sales transaction over the period)
  • Revenue by Account: Average Revenue amount by Account over the period: On-time Fees + Recurring Revenue (expressed in currency)


  • Active Contracts #: Number of active contracts over the period
  • Contract Term Length (in months): Average duration of contract between Start and End Date (expressed in months)

Required attributes

The dataset is a monthly snapshot for each contract (if you have sold a contract over 12 months, the dataset requires a record for each month of this contract).

  • Contract Month (date): When the sales happened
  • Contract Id (string): Contract Unique Identifier
  • Account (string): Name of the account
  • Product (string): Product sold
  • Business Line (string): The way you regroup items: product line, business line etc.
  • Contract Start Date (date): Start date of the contract
  • Contract End Date (date): End date of the contract
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (numeric): Monthly Recurring Revenue as defined in the contract for the month defined in [Contract Month]
  • One Time Fee (numeric): Amount of non-recurring revenues such as Implementation Fees, Onboarding Fees, Training...


Supports data mapping


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