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Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud - Donations

by Tableau


This Tableau Accelerator allows you to:

  • Acknowledge results of your fundraising efforts
  • Revive your donor base (based on suggested marketing actions)
  • Appraise the performance of your fundraising appeals
  • Deep-dive at the lowest level of detail: Donor Type, Donor, Appeal

Demo video

Answer key business questions

  • How much donations do we receive?
  • How many active donors do we have?
  • How performant are our appeals?
  • From which countries do we receive the most donations?
  • Who are our donors?
  • What is the performance of each appeal?
  • What are the recommended marketing actions to address each donor segment?

Monitor and improve KPIs


  • Total Donations: Total donation amount (expressed in currency)
  • Number of Gifts: Total number of donations received
  • Average Gift Amount: Average donation amount per gift (expressed in currency)


  • Number of Donors: Total distinct number of donors
  • Number of New Donors: Total number of new donors (first donation over the period)
  • Number of Gift per Donor: Average number of gifts made per donor
  • Donations per Donor: Average donation amount per donor (expressed in currency)


  • Number of Appeals: Total number of fundraising appeals that were active over the period. A fundraising appeal is a request to donors for financial support
  • Donations per Appeal: Average donation amount received per fundraising appeal (expressed in currency)

Required attributes

  • Donation Date (date): Date of the donation
  • Donor (string): Name of the donor
  • Donor Type (string): Type of the donor ("Individual", "Foundation", "State",...)
  • Donor Country (string; role: country): Country of the donor
  • Donation Type (string): Nature of the donation ("Cash", "Service", "In Kind"...)
  • Donation Source (string): Source of the donation ("Marketing Campaign", "Online",...)
  • Appeal (string): Identifier of the call for donations
  • Donation Amount (numeric): Amount of the donation made

Understand the Data Model Requirements

This accelerator is compatible with the NPSP data model only.

The Accelerator shows data from these objects:

  • Payment
  • Donation
  • Account
  • Contact
  • Campaign
  • Record Type
  • User


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