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Sustainable Supply Chain

by Slalom


This Accelerator provides insights into the performance of the different facilities in your supply chain against environmental standards and sustainability goals. Operations and supply chain leaders can use this Accelerator to see where their organizations have problems that need immediate correction--and where facilities are using best practices effectively.

Answer Key Business Questions

  • On average, how well are the facilities in my supply chain performing on minimizing overall environmental impact based on the SASB standards (energy, water, waste chemical)?
  • How well is one product in my company performing based on these environmental standards?
  • For a specific environmental KPI (e.g. Renewable Energy), who are the facilities that have the highest and lowest renewable energy rates?

Monitor and Improve KPIs

  • Renewable Energy %
  • Chemical Safety %
  • Water Reuse %
  • Waste Diversion %
  • Violations for Illegal Dumping
  • GHG footprint (Tons)
  • Total Water Consumed
  • Total Water Withdrawn
  • Waste (tons)


Supports data mapping


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