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Fraudulent Claims

by Tableau


This Tableau Accelerator allows you to:

  • Assess & Reduce your exposure to Fraudulent Claims
  • Identify top offenders
  • Deep-dive at Broker level of detail
  • Drill-back at 'Claim #' level of detail, directly in your Claim Application and take immediate actions

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Answer key business questions

  • How are we exposed to Fraudulent Claims?
  • Which Product Groups are affected the most by Fraudulent Claims?
  • Which Brokers have exposed us most to Fraudulent Claims?

Monitor and improve KPIs


  • Number of Claims: Total number of claims opened over the period
  • Number of Suspected Fraud Claims: Total number of suspected fraudulent claims over the period
  • Suspected Fraud Claims %: Share of claims which are suspected to be fraudulent (expressed in %)
  • Average Policy Limit: Average of highest amounts the insurer will pay for claims covered by insurance policies over the period (expressed in currency)

Claims Amount

  • Total Suspected Fraud Amount: Total amount paid for suspected fraudulent claims (expressed in currency)
  • Suspected Fraud Amount %: Share of paid amount which is suspected to be fraudulent (expressed in %)
  • Total Claims Amount: Total amount of compensation paid over the period (expressed in currency)

Required attributes

  • Event Date (date): Date on which the event causing the damage or loss occurred
  • Claim Number (string): Claim Unique Identifier
  • Product Group (string): Group of the insurance product (Professional, Property, Technology, Vehicle, ...)
  • Broker (string): Broker identified for this insurance policy, if any
  • Policy Holder (string): Owner of the insurance policy
  • Suspected Fraud Flag (string): Determines whether a claim is suspicious. Expected values: 'Y', 'N'; 'Y' means that the claim is suspicious.
  • Policy Limit (numeric): The highest amount the insurer will pay for a claim that an insurance policy covers
  • Paid Claim Amount (numeric): Total paid amount by the insurance provider for the claim


Supports data mapping


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