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Salesforce Education Cloud Student Success Hub

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Learn About the Student Success Hub Tableau Dashboard Accelerator

The Student Success Hub Tableau Accelerator with Salesforce helps you rapidly turn your student and support staff data into actionable insights. See current Alert, Appointment, and other student data in a variety of formats—such as bar graphs, scatter plots, and lists—that you can easily filter and customize. Use the dashboards to identify and act on trends around student needs and support staff workloads.

Understand the Data Model Requirements

The dashboards show data from these objects:

  • Account with Academic Programs record type
  • Alert
  • Appointment
  • Appointment Attendee
  • Case with Student Record record type
  • Contact
  • Course Connection (hed__Course_Enrollment__c)
  • Course Offering
  • Program Enrollment
  • Term
  • User
  • The dashboards also use predefined case teams and case team roles.


Connects to Salesforce


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