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Business Travel (Hotel)

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This Tableau Accelerator allows you to:

  • Assess & Optimize the volume of spend related to Hotel bookings
  • Ensure that travelers follow booking policies
  • Have a clear view of their travelers' booking behavior
  • Understand how booking in advance impacts the hotel room price
  • Identify most booked hotel chains and negotiate better conditions

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Answer key business questions

  • What is our volume of hotel spend?
  • How and often do travelers do their booking, and what is their booking behavior?
  • How is the online adoption rate changing? Does it translate into greater savings?
  • Which hotel chains are the most booked in terms of volume of reservations?

Monitor and improve KPIs

Booking Volume

  • Total Booking Volume: Total amount invoiced for hotel bookings over the period (expressed in currency)
  • Number of Bookings: Total number of bookings invoiced over the period
  • Number of Nights: Total number of Nights invoiced over the period
  • Nights per Booking: Average number of nights per booking invoiced over the period
  • Average Room Price: Average price of rooms invoiced during the period (expressed in currency)
  • Number of Travelers: Total number of travelers invoiced over the period

Traveler Behavior

  • Number of Bookings Made Online: Total number of bookings made online and invoiced over the period
  • OAR - Online Adoption Rate: Share of bookings made online in the total number of bookings invoiced (expressed in %)
  • ABW - Advance Booking Window: Average number of days between the booking date and the check-in date. This indicator is used to determine whether reservations are made early enough to benefit from the best prices (expressed in days)
  • Lowest Rate Accepted %: Share of bookings made at the lowest rate out of all bookings invoiced over the period (expressed in %)
  • Booking Volume per Traveler: Average total expenditure by travelers over the period (expressed in currency)
  • Price vs Lowest Rate %: Average difference between the price of rooms at their lowest rate and their actual purchase price (expressed in %)
  • Total △ Booking vs Lowest Fare: Total difference between the lowest available rate and the actual price for the room (expressed in currency)
  • Average △ Price vs Lowest rate: Average difference between the lowest available rate and the room price (expressed in currency)

Required attributes

  • Invoice Date (date): Date of invoice (all calculations and visualizations are based on this date)
  • Booking Date (date): Date of booking
  • Country PoS (string; role: country): Country from where the booking was done
  • Hotel (string): Hotel name
  • Hotel Chain (string): Hotel chain name
  • Online Booking Flag (string) ← expected values: 'Y', 'N'. 'Y' is online booking.
  • Hotel City (string; role: city): Destination City
  • Hotel Country (string; role: country): Destination Country
  • Reason Travel (string): Customer meeting, Internal meeting...
  • Hotel Check-in Date (date): Hotel check-in date
  • Traveler (string): Traveler name
  • Lowest Rate Available (numeric): Lowest rate available in this hotel
  • Hotel Room Amount (numeric): Actual room price per night
  • Hotel Room Nights (numeric): Number of nights there were booked


Supports data mapping


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