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Business Travel (Air)

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This Tableau Accelerator allows you to:

  • Assess & Optimize the volume of spend related to Air travels
  • Ensure that travelers follow booking policies
  • Have a clear view of travelers' booking behavior
  • Understand the impact of booking in advance on ticket price
  • Identify top routes and negotiate rates with airline companies

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Answer key business questions

  • What is our volume of air spend?
  • How and how often do travelers book their tickets? What is the booking behavior of travelers?
  • What is the optimal Advance Booking window to order tickets at the best price?
  • How is the online adoption rate changing? Does it translate into greater savings?
  • What are the top routes by total air spend?

Monitor and improve KPIs

Booking Volume

  • Total Air Spend: Total amount spent on airline tickets (expressed in currency)
  • Number of Travelers: Total number of travelers invoiced over the period
  • Air Spend per Traveler: Average total expenditure by travelers over the period (expressed in currency)
  • Number of Tickets: Total number of tickets invoiced over the period
  • Average Ticket Price: Average price of tickets invoiced during the period (expressed in currency)
  • Number of Tickets Booked Online: Total number of tickets booked online and invoiced over the period

Traveler Behavior

  • ABW - Advance Booking Window: Average number of days between the booking date and the travel date. This indicator is used to determine whether reservations are made early enough to benefit from the best prices (expressed in days)
  • OAR - Online Adoption Rate: Share of tickets booked online in the total number of tickets invoiced (expressed in %)
  • Lowest Fare Accepted Rate: Share of bookings made at the lowest fare out of all bookings invoiced over the period (expressed in %)
  • Ticket Price vs Lowest Fare %: Average difference between the price of tickets at their lowest rate and their actual invoiced price (expressed in %)
  • Total △ Ticket Price vs Lowest Fare: Total difference between the lowest available fare and the ticket price (expressed in currency)
  • Average △ Price vs Lowest Fare: Average difference between the lowest available fare and the ticket price (expressed in currency)

Required attributes

  • Invoice Date (date): Date of invoice (all calculations and visualizations are based on this date)
  • Booking Date (date): Date of booking
  • Airlines (string): Airline name
  • Booking Class (string): Economy, Business, First....
  • Online Booking Flag (string) ← expected values: 'Y', 'N'. 'Y' is online booking.
  • Origin City (string; role: city): Take-off City
  • Origin Country (string; role: country): Take-off Country
  • Destination City (string; role: city): Landing city
  • Destination Country (string; role: country): Landing Country
  • Reason Travel (string): Customer meeting, Internal Meeting...
  • Travel Start Date (date): Travel start date
  • Traveler (string): Traveler name
  • Lowest Available Fare (numeric): Lowest ticket price available for this trip
  • Ticket Amount (numeric): Actual ticket price


Supports data mapping


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