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The Tableau Accelerator for Scrap gives lean manufacturing managers a jumpstart to data-driven insights for measuring scrap based on cost of material. Use this Accelerator to better understand scrap root causes and lower the risk of scrap so you can reduce production costs and improve productivity.

In the most basic sense, scrap is the discarded material from a manufacturing job. Scrap can be leftover material or material with quality issues.

Answer key business questions

  • How are we affected by scraps (cost-based)?
  • What are the top scrap reasons (cost-based)?
  • What are the top offenders?
  • Which materials drive scraps (cost-based)?
  • How do scraps evolve by scrap reason (cost-based)?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • Total Scrap Cost
  • Total Produced Cost
  • Total Processed Cost
  • Scrap Rate (cost-based)
  • Daily Scrap Cost

Required attributes

  • Date (date)
  • Plant (string)
  • Work Center (string)
  • Material Category (string)
  • Material (string)
  • Scrap Reason (string)
  • Scrap Cost (numeric)
  • Produced Cost (numeric)

Partners of Choice

Our top consulting Partners may be able to help you customize this Accelerator for your own business needs.

United States / Canada

  • InterWorks - Tableau expertise from 8X Partner of the Year
  • IBM - Global Salesforce and Business Expertise
  • CoEnterprise - Deep Customer and Vendor insights with Tableau

Latin America

  • Five Acts - 3 times Partner of the Year Latin America, Five Acts has the resources to deliver the best analytics solution to your business

Tech Specifications

Supported Layouts

Works with

Tableau 2018.2 and later

Security and Legal