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This Accelerator provides data-driven insights to improve your ability to deliver on-time shipments to your customers.

This Accelerator will split your list of shipments in three categories:

  • Ready for Pickup: All the shipments that are still to be shipped
    • Estimate expected shipment duration based on past shipments
    • Define pickup priorities
    • Identify bottlenecks
    • Benefit from an ideal pickup workload plan for the upcoming days to meet delivery promise
  • In Transit: All the shipments that were shipped but not delivered yet
    • Estimate which volume of shipments will delivered late or on-time
    • Benefit from an analysis of the underlying reasons for your late shipments: 'late pickup' or 'longer shipment than usual'
  • Completed: All the shipments that were delivered
    • Assess your ability to deliver to your customers on-time
    • Breakdown this performance by carrier, route, center or transportation mode to find outliers and patterns
    • Pinpoint problematic routes
    • Identify the root causes of your late shipments and where to focus your efforts

Combined with Supply Intelligence, Purchasing, Inventory, Stock Coverage and Scraps, this is a winning combination for Supply Chain.

Answer key business questions

  • What shipments should be prepared for pickup?
  • Which countries must be delivered?
  • What shipments are In Transit?
  • Were completed deliveries made on time?
  • What are the identified delays?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • Shipments ready for Pickup
  • Shipments In Transit
  • Shipments Completed
  • Late Deliveries
  • Late Deliveries %
  • On-Time Deliveries
  • OTD - On-Time Deliveries %
  • Recipients #
  • Actual Delivery Duration
  • Expected Delivery Duration
  • Actual vs Expected (days)

Required attributes

  • Shipment id (string)
  • Carrier (string)
  • Main Transportation Mode (string)
  • Shipment Date (date)
  • Expected Delivery Date (date)
  • Actual Delivery Date (date)
  • Shipper (string)
  • Shipper Country (string)
  • Shipper City (string)
  • Shipper Latitude (numeric)
  • Shipper Longitude (numeric)
  • Recipient (string)
  • Recipient Country (string)
  • Recipient City (string)
  • Recipient Latitude (numeric)
  • Recipient Longitude (numeric)

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