Stock Coverage (ABC-XYZ)

by Tableau



The Tableau Accelerator for Stock Coverage (ABC-XYZ) gives you a jumpstart to data-driven insights for managing your inventory.

Inventory managers can use this Accelerator to identify products at risk (rupture and overstock), define the right stock/security stock coverage, and optimize production volumes to optimize inventory.

The ABC-XYZ analysis algorithm classifies your products and then recommends how to handle:

  • Degree of automation replenishment processes
  • Buffer Stock
  • Inventory Control

Products are classified by:

  • Volume → ABC (high, medium, low consumption)
  • Volume Predictability / Reliability → XYZ (Linear demand, Unpredictable demand, Variable demand)

Each combination (AX, BX, CY..) implies a suggested way to manage inventory: identify products at risk (rupture and overstock), define the right stock / security stock coverage, optimize production volumes

Answer key business questions

  • How are my products classified according to ABC/XYZ approach?
  • What are the best inventory actions for my products?
  • Which buffer stock to hedge against customer-induced variations?
  • How many products do I have with a reliable forecast?
  • Which products do I have with a high consumption value?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • Total Volume
  • Nb of Products

Required attributes

  • Date (date)
  • Product (string)
  • Volume (numeric)

Partners of Choice

Our top consulting Partners may be able to help you customize this Accelerator for your own business needs.

United States / Canada

  • InterWorks - Tableau expertise from 8X Partner of the Year
  • IBM - Global Salesforce and Business Expertise
  • USEReady - Global team of modernization and analytics experts focused on Financial Services
  • CoEnterprise - Deep Customer and Vendor insights with Tableau

Latin America

  • Five Acts - 3 times Partner of the Year Latin America, Five Acts has the resources to deliver the best analytics solution to your business
  • Path - Data Intelligence by using Machine Learning and AI for the best decision making
  • DataTeam - Foster Data Culture and Analytics for better business decision making

Tech Specifications

Supported Layouts

Works with

Tableau 2018.2 and later

Security and Legal