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Sales vs Quota

by Tableau


The Tableau Accelerator for Sales vs. Quota gives you a jumpstart on data-driven insights for measuring your ability to reach your sales quota (or sales target).

Sales managers can use this Accelerator to better understand the distance from quota, either by product or opportunity type, to manage their sales team more effectively .

Answer key business questions

  • Have we achieved our sales quota? This month? Since the beginning of the year?
  • How do we perform compared to the previous month? Compared to last year?
  • Where do we need to focus our sales efforts?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • Total Sales
  • Total Quota
  • Sales vs Quota
  • Quota Attainment %
  • Sales to Quota

Required attributes

  • Date (date)
  • (Level of detail of your sales/quota) (string)
  • Sales Amount (numeric)
  • Quota Amount (numeric)

Tech Specifications

Supported Layouts

Security and Legal