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Bank Cash Flow

by Tableau


This Tableau Accelerator allows you to:

  • Consolidate your bank positions across your bank accounts
  • Assess the amount of cash available
  • Visualize the evolution of your cash flow over time

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Answer key business questions

  • How well does our company manage its cash position?
  • Which account has the highest balance?
  • How did our cash flow evolve to gradually build the balance?
  • What is the evolution of our debit and credit?

Monitor and improve KPIs


  • Balance: Total amount of cash available on the bank accounts at the end of the period (expressed in currency)


  • Cash Flow: Net balance of cash credits and debits over the period (expressed in currency)
  • Total Debit: Total amount of debit transactions over the period (expressed in currency)
  • Total Credit: Total amount of credit transactions over the period (expressed in currency)

Required attributes

  • Bank (string): Name of the Bank
  • Account # (string): Account Number
  • Date (date): Date, Period
  • Credit Amount (numeric): Credit Amount [positive values expected]
  • Debit Amount (numeric): Debit Amount [positive values expected]


Supports data mapping


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