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Accounts Payable

by Tableau


The Tableau Accelerator for Accounts Payable gives you a jumpstart to getting data-driven insights and a clear overview on your outstanding invoices.

Accounts payable managers can use this Accelerator to better understand their payment process and what invoices still need to be paid.

Accounts Payable is the money owed by a business to its suppliers, basically the sum of outstanding supplier invoices (shown as a liability on a company's balance sheet).

Answer key business questions

  • What is the total outstanding amount that we need to pay to our creditors?
  • When does each outstanding invoice is due?
  • Who are our top creditors?
  • What are the outstanding invoices?
  • How does our payment process evolve?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • Total Outstanding Amount
  • Total Overdue Amount
  • Avg Time to Pay Invoices
  • Avg Payment Terms
  • Creditors
  • Creditors (with outstanding invoices)
  • Creditors (with overdue invoices)
  • Overdue Invoices (not cleared)
  • Outstanding Invoices (not cleared)
  • Overdue Invoices (cleared)
  • Invoices (cleared)
  • Total Invoice Amount (cleared)
  • Total Invoice Amount
  • Total Invoice Amount (cleared late)
  • Overdue Amount %
  • Overdue Invoices % (not cleared)
  • Overdue Invoices % (cleared)
  • Avg Nb Days from Due Date

Required attributes

  • Invoice # (string)
  • Invoice Date (date)
  • Provider (string)
  • Due Date (date)
  • Cleared Flag (string) ← expected values: 'Y', 'N'. 'Y' means that no additional payment is expected
  • Clearing Date (date)
  • Invoice Amount (numeric)
  • Outstanding Amount (numeric)

Tech Specifications

Supported Layouts

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