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This Tableau Accelerator allows you to:

  • Assess & Improve your web site performance
  • Identify the most efficient channels to drive traffic
  • Evaluate the efficiency of your top pages: attractiveness, content, speed, accessibility

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Answer key business questions

  • What is the performance of our web traffic?
  • Which referral sites send us the most traffic?
  • Which channels bring us the most sessions?
  • What are the most visited pages?
  • Where does the traffic come from?

Monitor and improve KPIs


  • Total Sessions: Total number of sessions (a session is an interaction between a website and a visitor who has loaded at least one page)
  • Session Duration: Average duration per Session


  • Total Pageviews: Total number of pages viewed across all sessions
  • Avg Pageviews: Average number of pages viewed within a session
  • Total Unique Pageviews: Total number of different (unique) pages within a session
  • Avg Unique Pageviews: Average number of different (unique) pages within a session


  • Total Bounces: Total number of visitors that left a webpage without taking an action
  • Bounce %: Percentage of visitors that leave a webpage without taking an action (expressed in %)
  • Page Exits %: Share of sessions that ended on a page or screen (expressed in %)


  • Avg Time on Page: Average time spent on a page (expressed in second)
  • Page Load Time: Average amount of time it takes for a page to load, from initiation to load completion (expressed in second)

Required attributes

  • Date (date): Reference date ← [ga:date]
  • Channel Grouping (string): The default channel grouping that is shared within the View (Profile) ← [Channel Grouping - ga:channelGrouping]
  • Device Category (string): The type of device: desktop, tablet, or mobile ← [Platform or Device - ga:deviceCategory]
  • Page Title (string): The title of the page ← [Page Tracking - ga:pageTitle]
  • Country (string, role: country): The countries of users ← [Users - ga:country]
  • Source / Medium (string): Traffic Source ← [Acquisition - ga:sourceMedium]
  • PageViews (numeric): The total number of pageviews for your property ← [Page Tracking - ga:pageviews]
  • Unique PageViews (numeric): The number of different (unique) pages within a session ← [Page Tracking - ga:uniquePageviews]
  • Sessions (numeric): The total number of sessions ← [Session - ga:sessions]
  • Bounces (numeric): The total number of single page (or single engagement hit) sessions for your property ← [Session - ga:bounces]
  • Exits (numeric): The number of exits from our property ← [Page Tracking - ga:exits]
  • Time on Page (numeric): How long a user spent on a particular page in seconds ← [Page Tracking - ga:timeOnPage]
  • Page Load Time (numeric): Total page load time in milliseconds ← [Site Speed - ga:pageLoadTime


Supports data mapping


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