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Price Realization

by Tableau


The Tableau Accelerator for Price Realization gives you a jumpstart on data-driven insights for measuring the impact of price on total revenues.

Pricing managers can use this Accelerator to identify price evolution between two periods for a given product base to improve sales performance.

Answer key business questions

  • What is the price realization for our products?
  • In which region the price realization is the largest / lowest?
  • How price realization is impacting revenue?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • Total Revenues
  • Total Quantity
  • Average Selling Price

Required attributes

  • Date (date)
  • Customer (string)
  • Product (string)
  • Sales Group (string)
  • Sales Agent (string)
  • Country (string)
  • City (string)
  • Sales Amount (numeric)
  • Sales Quantity (numeric)

Tech Specifications

Supported Layouts

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