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Online Sales & Marketing

by Tableau


The Tableau Accelerator for Online Sales & Marketing gives you a jumpstart to data-driven insights on your eCommerce business.

Online sales managers can use this Accelerator to better understand online revenues, margin, and marketing investments to help evaluate eCommerce performance.

Answer key business questions

  • What are our revenues, and which products generate the most revenue?
  • What is the performance of our marketing investments?
  • What are our top sources?
  • How many active customers do we have? What about our ability to acquire new customers?
  • Who are our top customers? What is our level of profitability with them?
  • What does our customer base look like?
  • What is our Client Lifetime Value? What is our Client Churn rate?

Monitor and improve KPIs

  • Total Revenues
  • Total Margin
  • Total Sales Quantity
  • Distinct Items Sold #
  • Active Clients #
  • Client Lifetime
  • New Active Clients #
  • Margin %
  • Total Sales Costs
  • Sales Costs %
  • Average Selling Price
  • Revenues per Client

Required attributes

  • Date (date)
  • Client (string)
  • Client Registration Date (date)
  • Product (string)
  • Marketing Source (string)
  • Revenues (numeric)
  • Margin (numeric)
  • Quantity (numeric)
  • Marketing Costs (numeric)

Tech Specifications

Supported Layouts

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