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Sales and Margin + Target

by Tableau


This Tableau Accelerator allows you to:

  • Assess & Improve your sales performance and profitability
  • Predict evolution of sales
  • Revive your customer base (based on suggested marketing actions)
  • Deep-dive at the lowest level of detail: Customer, Business Line, Product
  • Determine Customer Lifetime Value & Churn Rate
  • Explain Price/Volume/Mix effect

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Answer key business questions

  • What are our sales results? What is our profitability?
  • Which Business lines generate the most sales?
  • Who are our top customers? What is our level of profitability with them?
  • How many active customers do we have? What about our ability to acquire new customers?
  • How is our customer base segmented? What are the recommended marketing actions to address each customer segment?
  • What is our Client Lifetime Value?
  • What is our Client Churn Rate?

Monitor and improve KPIs


  • Total Sales: Total Sales amount (expressed in currency)
  • Total Sales Quantity: Number of units sold (expressed in units or equivalent units)
  • Average Selling Price: Average price at which a particular Product is sold (expressed in currency)


  • Total Sales Margin: Amount of profit generated from the sales (expressed in currency)
  • Sales Margin %: Share of profit generated from the sales (expressed in %)
  • Total Sales Costs: All the direct and indirect cost amounts it takes to create/purchase a Product and sell it on the market (expressed in currency)
  • Sales Costs %: Share of all the direct and indirect cost amounts it takes to create/purchase a Product and sell it on the market (expressed in %)


  • Active Customers #: Number of distinct Customers having a sales transaction over the period
  • New Customers #: Number of distinct new Customers acquired (first sales transaction over the period)
  • Sales per Customer: Average sales amount by Customer (expressed in currency)
  • Customer Lifetime Value: Total amount of money a customer is expected to spend with your business, or on your products, during the lifetime of an average business relationship (this measure can be measured in revenues $ or margin $)
  • Customer Churn Rate: Share of lost customers from one year to another

Required attributes

  • Date (date): Sales date
  • Customer (string): Customer name
  • Product (string): The item which is actually sold: product, service…
  • Business Line (string): The way you regroup items: product line, business line, product category…
  • Sales Amount (numeric): Sales amount
  • Sales Amount Target (numeric): Sales target amount
  • Sales Margin (numeric): Sales Margin amount
  • Sales Margin Target (numeric): Sales Margin target amount
  • Sales Quantity (numeric): Number of units sold


Supports data mapping


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