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Bump Chart

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Introducing the Bump Chart Extension for Tableau

Elevate your data storytelling with the Bump Chart Extension for Tableau, specifically engineered to help users visualize changes in rank over time among categories. This extension is perfect for illustrating competitive dynamics, such as market positioning, sales rankings, or sports standings, in a clear and compelling way.

Why Bump Charts? Bump charts are invaluable for displaying rank progression through time, allowing viewers to easily track the rise and fall of different entities within a dataset. They are particularly effective in identifying trends, highlighting winners and losers, and visualizing shifts in position in a dynamic and engaging manner.

Features of the Bump Chart Extension:

  • Dynamic Ranking Visualization: Watch how categories move position across time, providing a vivid narrative of change and competition.
  • Interactive Exploration: Interact with the chart to trace specific category paths, explore detailed information, and understand the factors driving changes in rank.
  • Customizable Appearance: Adjust colors, line styles, and data labels to match your presentation style or to emphasize particular aspects of your data.
  • Seamless Integration: Fully compatible with Tableau, this extension integrates smoothly into your existing dashboards, enhancing your analytical capabilities without disrupting your workflow.

With the Bump Chart Extension for Tableau, transform how you analyze and present rankings data. This tool is ideal for business analysts, sports statisticians, and anyone interested in tracking positional changes over time.

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Tech Specifications

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Tableau 2024.2 and later


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