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Relationship Finder

by DataViadotto



Building a data model in Tableau requires users to identify relationships and their performance options manually. Relationship Finder mines the data sources to automatically find all relationships that are valid in the logical model. The relationships can be used to join tables by linking column combinations. Sample data and various measures of validity help users choose relationships and their performance options for building a data model.

Use cases:

  1. Data Integration: Relationship Finder automatically discovers all relationships that are valid in your datasets. This information can be used to pick the right join type to combine tables in the physical layer of the Tableau data model, define single and multi-column relationships in the logical layer, and find linking fields to join multiple data sources.
  2. Data Quality: Relationship Finder is capable of discovering relationships that are not fully valid. Finding such relationships will help quickly discover referential integrity violations.
  3. Performance Optimization: Relationship Finder recommends the optimal performance options for relationships in the logical layer. This allows Tableau to pick the optimal approach for join and aggregation, which in turn significantly speeds up data access.

Additionally, Relationship Finder automatically calculates metadata for sampled tables such as the number of null values and the number of distinct not-null values in the original table.


Free – This is a demo version of the extension available when you access it through the Tableau Exchange. It has some limitations compared to the full version that make it suitable for testing and evaluation purposes only. The restrictions for the demo version are: tables that are sampled cannot contain more than 1 million rows, samples are only stored for 1 hour and permanently deleted after that. Additionally, the demo version runs on our servers and cannot be deployed to the infrastructure that you manage.

Paid – None of the restrictions of the demo version apply to the full version. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing the full version.

To find out more about pricing and watch a demo video of this dashboard extension, please visit our website.

Tech Specifications

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Works with

Tableau 2018.2 and later

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